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About Us

Total Comfort Solutions is a family owned and operated residential heating and cooling company that specializes in exceptional customer service with an extensive knowledge in the geothermal industry.  Located in Greencastle, Indiana, Total Comfort Solutions is dedicated in serving customers throughout central and west central Indiana. Our services include: Geothermal sales and service, furnace and air conditioning sales and service (all major brands) and whole home air duct cleaning.

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Watch Our Work

Learn more about the typical closed loop geothermal installation from Indiana geothermal experts.

Watch professionals at work with a geothermal installation as they open the trench with an excavator, lay pipe in the ground, fuse it into the header system and fill-in the trench to complete the project. This type of loop service is very common throughout Hendricks County and Putnam County.

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Geothermal Loop Service


It’s no mystery that geothermal service has been around for many years — in fact, it’s been hard at work since the beginning of time!

We also know that it is the most efficient way to heat and air condition your home.  The best question to ask is… How much do you pay for utilities now and how much will you pay for utilities in the future?  Is propane eating a hole in your wallet?  Geothermal solutions from the geothermal experts are the only heating and cooling investments that can put money in your wallet year after year.

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