Geothermal Experts

What if there was a way to heat your home in winter, cool it in summer, and provide abundant hot water all year round… all while cutting your utility bills by up to 80 percent?


By installing a Climate Master geothermal central heating and air conditioning system in your home or commercial building.

Here’s how it works…

Where ever you live the temperature beneath your home remains constant, regardless of the season. Just a few feet down, the earth is a consistent 55 degrees… summer or winter. Climate master geothermal heat pump systems harness this ground temperature to provide heating, cooling and hot water at remarkably high efficiencies. (So high, in fact, that energy use can be cut by up to 80 percent.)

To access this stable underground temperature, a geothermal heat pump is connected to a series of underground loop pipes.

Learn more from the video below and the geothermal experts at Total Comfort Solutions.

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